Many workers compensation cases have the most favorable outcome when receiving Chiropractic care. If you’ve had an accident or have been injured on the job, evaluation and treatments your primary care physician may recommend may not be the best course of action in many cases. In order to protect yourself, and your workers compensation claim, Advanced Occupational Health Centers recommends making an appointment and receiving a full examination from our staff of highly skilled Chiropractic doctors.

The Right Kind of Chiropractics

When you have been injured on the job you need a Chiropractor and staff that understand your circumstances, and injuries. Our Chiropractors have years of experience in treating a wide variety of work related injuries. Our staff have the same experience in dealing with your case and claim. Together we have the right team to help you achieve the greatest level of care with the least level of stress.

Injury Specific, Healing Focused

Workers Compensation Care

After an injury, having a Chiropractor who treats patients for similar injuries that you have every day, means a swiffer recovery for you. In dealing frequently with specific injuries and ailments involving the neck, lower, and upper back, our Chiropractors have found underlying issues overlooked by an MD.

Chiropractic care can eliminate the need for surgery or heavy drugs in many cases. If you have been injured on the job, whether from negligence or ignorance, seeking compensation for your injuries, is your minimal right. Start with a consultation from our Chiropractors and begin your steps towards healing, and living pain free, so that you can get back to productive work.

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